New 2014 Wet Life Paddle Boards instock and at your dealer now.  

Call your dealer now or Wet Life direct to learn about clearance boards in stock and new board offers.

Wet Life Paddle Boards is based in South Florida near Fort Myers, we service the entire country by shipping paddleboards and paddle board paddles nationwide at great prices to paddle board rental companies, paddle boards sales dealers and individuals.  We promise to deliver a better paddleboard and paddle for the money than any other company.  We have paddle board dealers serving Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Tampa, Orlando and we have paddle board dealers serving upstate NY, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Albany.  More SUP dealers are joining each month. If there is no stand up paddleboard dealer in your area we will ship direct to your area so don’t hesitate to order online now. Thank you.

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    What paddle board do you buy?  How do I buy the right paddle board?  What size paddleboard do I buy?  What should my paddle board be made of?   All great questions and Wet Life Paddle boards has the short answer.  We made is simple for you in that we feel we have produced the best paddleboard for the first time buyer and when you’re ready to upgrade or add a second paddle board we have that too .  Our SURF style paddle boards and full carbon fiber adjustable paddles offer all the features of a “Real” paddle board package for the best price.  Yes you can buy a cheaper SUP board but we think you may out grow it in an afternoon and or be missing features you want or need.  Our stand up paddleboard packages come in under $1000 with quality and features that offer more paddle board and paddle for the money than any other SUP company. 

    You could buy a less expensive foam top paddle board or a rotomolded plastic paddleboard but if you really want something that you will enjoy paddling step up to our SURF style paddleboards, this way you won’t out grow it in an afternoon.  Would you rather buy a beginner paddle board for less and not like it and have it sit in the garage or buy one you enjoy and use a lot?  Foam top paddle boards tend to be sluggish and surprisingly the surface gets slippery when wet. You could buy a plastic paddleboard but they are often heavy and paddle like a tank and get squishy and sloppy in the heat.  You could buy an inflatable paddle board but why unless you are really tight on space.  Inflatable paddle boards tend to struggle to stay stiff and firm and paddle sluggish as well. 

    We are not knocking any of these paddle boards, they all have their place and we like them as well for certain purposes but if given our first choice for 99% of the paddle boarding situations we choose a fiberglass SUP board.  This is why we focus on offering the paddleboards we do. 

    We consider full fiberglass paddleboards to be “real” paddle boards.  They are light, stiff, rigid and paddle smoothly and efficiently giving you miles of paddling fun and they are easy to load on top of your car because they weigh in the 30lb range. 

    You may have rented a stand up paddle board before so keep in mind that many paddle board rental companies tend to offer beginner boards that don’t make great boards to own personally.   Rental paddleboards tend to be wide and overly stable to handle all paddlers and all weights.  Wide and durable translates into heavy, slow and sloppy.  A Wet Life paddleboard is more advanced, lighter and narrower offering you something to grow into.