Wet Life Paddle Boards is based on the west coast of Florida, near Ft. Myers.

Wet Life Paddle Boards is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of fiberglass paddle boards, inflatable paddle boards, recreational paddle boards and race paddle boards as well as performance paddle board paddles both aluminum SUP paddles and full carbon fiber paddle board paddles. We manufacture SUP paddle boards both overseas and in the US. We work to develop new paddle board designs and SUP products for SUP paddle board enthusiast. We primarily sell paddle boards and related products to dealer partners but we also have direct end users sales. We welcome new paddle board companies and will help support your new paddle board business. If you’re a SUP paddler or want to become one and need a paddle board or supplies you can purchase directly from our website. If one of our partners is in your area we will direct you to them.

happy little boy on paddle board