Start your own Wet Life Paddle Board Sales and or Rental business Today!

Simple quick setup. Six Board minimum initial paddle board purchase required, company name, SS# or Tax ID# and sales tax resale certificate. Contact or 918-576-8069 for questions and application.

Our mission is to help build your "Wet Life" Paddle Board lifestyle. Being on the water with your paddle board is always fun so we want to help you spend as much time paddle boarding as possible, living the Wet Life. Located here in South West Florida we have access to amazingly beautiful paddle boarding waters. We have the beaches of Pine Island, Sanibel, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, Captiva and more and we have the back waters among the mangroves. There are dolphins, turtles, rays, eagles and many more sites to see when your paddle boarding around.

That’s our backyard and we know there are thousands of other beautiful waterways to paddle board on and explore all over the world. We hope to see and hear about your Wet Life paddle boarding experiences. Please send in photos and emails for us to post and share about your Wet Life paddle board experiences on your waterways. Thank you from everyone at Wet Life paddle boards. Please check out our facebook page.

Wet Life Paddle Board Manufacturer direct pricing:

Wet Life Paddle Board Manufacturer direct pricing: In areas where we do not have dealer representation we offer direct dealer discounts to folks in the paddle board business and or folks who buy more than one paddle board. Fitness paddle boarders and yogo paddle board fitness instructors, paddle board instructors, paddle board educators, paddle board models, paddle board professional fishermen, paddle board lifeguards, etc. Please call us direct to see if you qualify for paddle board discount pricing. Our goal is to show off our paddle boards, paddle and accessory products and if you can help, we can help. Call 918-576-8069, Tony.

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*As Wet Life paddle boards is rapidly growing there may be different pricing in areas in which we don't have dealer representation. Dealer pricing may vary slightly as shipping costs vary based on distance. At times some dealers may have slightly higher pricing than the website reflects. However, we cannot ship direct to those areas with a lower price. Again, we ship to most areas, not all. Thank you for your understanding and support. Wet Life paddle boards always offers the best paddle boarding equipment money can buy over any competitor.