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Wet Life signature wave logo, lower case laid back with the wave that has "WL" in it when you look close.  A great reminder each day when you hop in the car and remind yourself to chill and get out on your paddle board asap.

*Don't forget, send in a pic of a Wet Life decal or other Wet Life product installed on your vehicle with you in the pic and receive a $20 store credit.

wet life window decal approx 4.75" high and 8" wide, stack layout (Circle wave over text).  All our decals are the highest quality UV vinyl for exterior mount on windows or anything else.  Keep living the wet life and spread the word.  We don't charge shipping on any of our decals.  We ship standard USPS mail.  Please note helpful installation tips below. 


To install, simply use some masking tape or blue tape to place entire sheet on glass where you want it. One long piece of tape running vertical down the center of the decal adhering it to the glass, top and bottom...NOTE!!! Try to place the tape so that you split the circle section with the sharp points, leaving 3 sharp points on the left of your tape so that the left edge of your tape is about 3/4" away from that 3rd sharp point. Be sure to leave top tab of the tape loose, just touching glass so you can fine tune your placement. Now use a tape measure or ruler to fine tune placement and make sure decal is straight. Measure from bottom of "w" to straight edge on window like the bottom of the window frame, as seen on my green truck. Measure same distance from bottom of "e" on "life" to bottom of window frame making sure distance is equal adjusting with loose tab on the top of the tape strip as needed. Once in position push tape on more securely. Now gently separate the left flap of the decal exposing sticky letters. Pull top layer back against your tape strip. Bottom thicker card stock paper is exposed all the way to the tape strip. Carefully cut away card stock as close to the tape strip as possible. Now carefully press the decal onto the glass starting from the tape and pushing to the left. Now that the decal is partially mounted you can remove the tape strip and repeat process on the right half by bending the right half over to left to expose the cut part of the card stock and peeling it away from the center out. Now carefully press on the right half starting from the center and moving right. With the protective layer still in place press down all your letters and especially the sharp points on the circle wave. Now that it is secure pull the top layer of the decal off leaving the letters alone... NOTE!! Do this carefully pulling it off only from the left and up first, to protect from pulling the sharp points off. Keep your pulling force close to the glass. Once you have uncovered the 3 left sharp points, pull the last part off from the right to the left as to protect the right sharp point. You’re done! Step back and enjoy your wet life decal.

Wet Life Window Decal stack layout

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