What paddle board to buy?

Wet Life Paddle boards made this question and others simple for you. Wet Life paddle boards focused on producing and offering the best "real" paddle board packages at the lowest price for 99% of all paddle board paddlers, both beginners and experienced. What do we mean by "real" paddle board or

What should my paddle board be made of?

It's simple, we're offering true fiberglass boards that are hand made with EPS foam cores, wooden stringers and layers of fiberglass and epoxy. This process makes our boards light, stiff and strong which makes them enjoyable to paddle as well as easy to transport and load on top of your car. Our SURF style paddle boards are perfect for both first time paddle boarders and more advanced paddle boarders. How is that possible? You're only a beginner for the first few paddles, so that is why we produce a more advanced paddle board. No one wants to outgrow their paddle board in an afternoon. Our paddle boards offer great features like built in deck plugs, contour carry handle, comfortable soft deck pad, automatic vent plug and great paint work. In addition, we have full carbon fiber "Adjustable" paddle board paddles. Remember, a paddle board paddle is like a good pair of running shoes--get a good one and your paddle boarding is enjoyable. Wet Life paddle boards delivers all of this for less than $1300 where other companies are hundreds more. How? We're a manufacturer and have the cleanest, simplest sales network of any paddle board company. Wet Life can offer better product and get it to you for less.

How to buy the right paddle board?

You could buy a less expensive foam top paddle board or a rotomolded plastic paddle board, but if you really want a paddle board you will enjoy paddling, get a Wet Life paddle board. This way you won't out grow it in an afternoon. Would you rather buy a beginner paddle board for less and not like it and have it sit in the garage or one you enjoy and use often? Foam top paddle boards tend to be sluggish to paddle and, surprisingly, the surface gets slippery when wet. You could buy a plastic paddle board, but they are often heavy and a bear to move around. They are also sloppy to paddle and not efficient in the water and can get mushy in the heat. You could buy an inflatable paddle board, but why, unless you really need the compactness. Inflatable paddle boards struggle to stay stiff and do the "banana," curling up, becoming slugglish and mushy.

We are not knocking any paddle board, we love them all. They are all great for their intended use. But for 99% of the paddle boarding situations, we choose a fiberglass paddle board and carbon fiber adjustable paddle. This is why we focus on the paddle boarding equipment we offer.

What size paddle board to buy?

You may have rented before, so be careful. Most rental companies offer beginnner boards that are large and super stable, so anyone can stand up, big or small. You don't want to purchase a paddle board that is made for beginners, you will outgrow almost overnite. Wet Life Paddle boards are slicker and more efficient. Everyone is a beginner as some point, but the great thing about paddle boarding is the learning curve is short and soon you're ready for more. That's why we build the paddle boards we do. Our paddle boards are lower volume and narrower making them more efficient, faster and fun to paddle. This is also why we recommend our full carbon fiber adjustable paddle. Our paddle is light, efficient and fun to use. In summary, you won't go wrong by ordering your Wet Life paddle board and paddle. If your not totally happy ship it back and get your refund. See our 100% Risk Free offer. Order online or call with any questions. Most of the time we will pick up live ready to help you, no phone system to wait thru. Tony, 918-576-8069.