Wet Life Paddle Board Construction

Wet life paddle boards are hand crafted by experienced paddle board builders with the highest quality materials. Small differences will occur between each individual paddle board. You may see small insignificant finish blemishes, dimples, waves, pocks, etc. we do not consider that to be defect, just the variances in a handmade product. Wet life paddle boards are more performance designed and have lighter weights, better stiffness, speed and performance than average paddle boards.

Wet life paddle boards are tough and constructed with the highest quality but to properly care for your wet life paddle board make sure not to drag it across rocks or docks or bounce it off things as the epoxy skin can crack and water intrusion can occur. If you do accidently crack your paddle board simply use an epoxy repair kit to touch it up before water intrusion can occur.

Your paddle board is equipped with an automatic vent plug to allow it to breathe when it heats up and cools down but your paddle board still should not be left in direct sun when not in use. Discoloration is going to occur with your paddle board as is does with anything exposed to the elements and this is not considered a manufacturing defect. Our cars, boats, houses and even our bodies all change with exposure to the elements and your paddle board will too. Many wet life paddle boards are constructed with little or no paint and therefore you have simply the clear epoxy showing the actual foam core beneath. This method can make discoloration more obvious but does not affect the life cycle of the paddle boards. You may see yellowing of the epoxy across the paddle board or spots and or have white spots/patches on your paddle board, there are many reasons this occurs. Sometimes water drops or pools of water sit on the paddle board and act as a magnifying glass and change the color in that area more radically. We all know the power of the sun especially with a magnifying glass. Color changes, spots or fading will not affect the performance of your paddle board and should not concern you.

Also keep in mind that your full carbon fiber paddle board paddle is also performance designed and not made of plastic or aluminum and therefore not designed to push off of rocks or docks. Cracks and splits can occur, but it too can be repaired with an epoxy repair kit or you can opt for a paddle guard kit.

Your "Adjustable" full carbon fiber paddle board paddle was designed for ultimate strength and the lowest possible weight and it can sink when water enters the adjustment holes. Some of our paddle baord paddles have no foam or plugs to prevent them from filling with water. You might ask why no consideration was given to keep it from sinking and the answer is simply weight and function. It was made to paddle with performance not made to float. The paddle can float for some time due to air being trapped but that air can work its way out the adjustment holes quickly. Keep in mind the dark carbon color as it is easy to lose track of if left floating in the water. It is best just to leave your paddle on the board if you hop off for a swim.

If you are concerned about losing your paddle board paddle you can always insert foam into your shaft and or opt for a paddle leash. If you do put a piece of foam in your paddle, we suggest shaping it so you can remove unwanted water that does get in. A slice of swim noodle can work if needed. Fixed length paddles that don't have holes for adjustment are typically sealed and will not sink. When cutting your fixed length paddle down to size be sure to glue the handle well with the idea of sealing out water.

There are tradeoffs to having a lighter more performance designed paddle board and paddle but all paddlers who try other heavier paddle boards and paddles quickly appreciate the performance of a Wet Life paddle board and paddle, there is no comparison.

paddle board layers
  • Top Quality Molded HD EPS Foam Core
  • Balsa Wood Stringer
  • 3 layers of 6oz fiberglass cloth on top
  • 2 layers, (1) 6oz (1) 8oz fiberglass cloth on bottom
  • Top Quality Epoxy Resin coating layers
  • EVA Foam deck pad with 3M adhesive
  • 9" or 10" center fin, plastic or fiberglass, option*
  • 3 fin surf set up, fins and tool included, option*
  • Automatic Vent Plug, no adjustment needed unlike simple manual vents
  • 4 deck plugs* for cargo bungee attachment, upgrade not seen on other boards

Some features are considered upgrade options

  • Deck Plugs vary depending on model
  • Some paddle boards have single fins
  • Carbon Fiber paddle boards have CF